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Case Results

Unique Vacations v. Trip Mate, et al, United States District Court, Western District of Missouri

Represented plaintiff in action for breach of contract. Defendant entered into a Travel Organization Agreement contract with client whereby client would receive profit-sharing payments for travel insurance sold to its customers. Client alleged that defendant breached the contract when defendant failed to pay profit-sharing owed to client. At trial, Court determined that defendant had breached the contract and client was owed over $300,000 in unpaid profit sharing.

Jani-King v. Carmeco—Circuit Court of Greene County, Missouri

Represented plaintiff alleging that defendant breached services contract with client. Client had entered into a written contract to provide cleaning services at facility owned by defendant. Defendant purported to terminate contract due to alleged defective performance by client. Client sued seeking damages for breach of contract, liquidated damages as well as attorney’s fees. At trial, court found that defendant improperly terminated contract and awarded client liquidated damages and attorney’s fees in the total amount of $36,956.87.

Porter v. Adrian Fabricators, et al.—District Court of Wyandotte County, Kansas

Products liability action wherein plaintiff claimed to have suffered a spinal fracture and dislocation at T 11-12 with resultant paraplegia as a result of an industrial accident when a stackable wire mesh container manufactured by client allegedly fell from the top of a stack of three containers. Plaintiff sought over $2 million in damages at trial. Jury returned a verdict in favor of client.

Leon v. Herndon—District Court of Wyandotte County, Kansas

Admitted liability rear-end motor vehicle accident in which plaintiff alleged that he suffered various personal injuries including injury to his back and neck as a result of being struck in the rear by client. Client disputed the nature and extent of the alleged injuries. The jury returned a verdict in favor of client.

Czechan v. Lewis, et al—District Court of Linn County, Kansas

Client was involved in a motor vehicle collision at an intersection when another motorist failed to yield at the stop sign. Plaintiff was a passenger in the other vehicle and claimed soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. Plaintiff alleged that client was traveling too fast and failed to avoid the collision. The jury assigned no fault to client.

Rogers v. Cornejo & Sons, et al.—District Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas

Wrongful death action wherein decedent was allegedly struck by client’s vehicle after being thrown into ditch during accident with another vehicle. Plaintiff sought over $1.5 million in damages at trial. Client was assigned 5% of the fault as was decedent.

Wrongful Death/
Excessive Force.

Adult son was shot and killed at the Barney Allis Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri in June 2018. He was used as a human shield after being attacked by an armed man in the park. Decedent was shot at least ten times by officers of the Kansas City Police Department. After being shot, Decedent was stepped on, drug across the ground, and stood on by officers before dying at the scene.

Plaintiffs asserted causes of action against the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners as well as the individual officers alleging excessive force and wrongful death. Decedent was survived by his mother and father. The Denning Law Firm represented Decedent's mother. A settlement was reached on behalf of Decedent's parents with the Board of Police Commissioners and the individual officers for a total of $1.5 million.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Clients, husband and wife, were injured in a motor vehicle accident when another motorist turned in front of them. Wife suffered air bag burns to her leg and husband suffered soft tissue injuries. Settlement matter on behalf of both clients for $170,000.00.

Premises Liability

Minor client fell and broke his arm at an apartment complex in area where construction company removed sidewalk. Obtained a $260,000 pre-suit settlement.